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5 Things To Experience This Summer by Travelling Solo – GO Solo!

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As I love travelling, I understand how finicky it can be when things do not fall under sync while travelling. At the initiation of 2013 till date, I traveled many places in India and International not being aware of what to anticipate from the destination and the coming few days. Leaving my home alone, my daughter alone, just to explore new destinations, meeting new people to whom I didn’t know was not a bad choice. Though felt understated initially, but loved the whole experience and would certainly say “Once in a lifetime experience”. https://www.facebook.com/SpiritedBlogger/ 



Traveling on your own, being a woman is something which you shall opt once in life. Read few reasons to go solo this summer while sustaining all your pros and cons.

You being little selfish – Is it?

The prime thing which as a woman you realize while travelling alone is that you get the freedom. You have options to decide where to go, what to do and even if you wish to change your plans, you can!! Wow, what a feeling.


While solo, you are the one who have authority on everything. You have full access to the trip to be molded the way you wish to. You will not have to compromise on your own made experiences and of course, no regrets. Think about all the freedom to follow your emotions, desires, and let the feelings flourish in their own way with no limitations and probabilities.


It may seem that I may be quite selfish, but if you experience a long trip this summer on your own, you may get a glimpse of what I’m talking here.

You are the one who is scared….


Quite a lot of women in India get scared of traveling solo, because of some chauvinism existing in the society. Some do not travel solo as they are afraid of getting bored, suffering from xenophobia. Trust me, you will NEVER feel alone, except you make your mind up to. While traveling to new destinations put you to all new people automatically, especially as a woman. Apparently when you travel alone there are chances that you might not get out of the comfort zone, while going solo will allow you to explore new horizons.


Some things that will amaze you to do alone is, talking to the person sitting next to you in the train, taking a ride alone on the unknown streets, asking directions to a person on the street and so on… it is in fact, you to decide how you wish to spend your vacation.

You need to be brave to travel solo….


Cum’on .. Nah it is a jinx that women restrict themselves to travel alone because they feel that traveling alone requires a lot of courage. They get scared of the thought to meet new people and discover new destinations and feel that they need tremendous courage to do that. You deadly need a break, here, as you will meet like-minded people also; it is not always vice versa.


Keep in mind that hundreds of women travel alone daily to work or home chores so there is nothing like to be “brave” for traveling solo. It is all in mind. You just to come out of the fear.

Remember you are your own BBF – best friend forever..


You become more close to your own soul, you laugh, you cry, you enjoy, you carry all ups and down on your own. What a feeling to grow. While traveling alone, you will become skilled for certain moments that usually become difficult to face alone or unbearable. Being solo will make you more confident and stronger for the rest of your life.


This might give you a whole new perspective of your own personality and attributes towards others. You will become a person to person to trust yourself more.

Best of Best thing to challenge yourself and your life

I remember my travel to Pushkar city alone; suddenly after stepping I realized I’m lost to a place where there were all freak wanderers, weird and nerd people around. I could not find the way out, thought I’m in a mess, but the thrill was to find a way out. Hence, travelling to remote places also makes you strong to deal the unexpected situations.


There is a possibility that you may not get convinced though by the above experiences, but I’m sure when you ponder emphasis on what the situations, you will surely learn from it. This will push you to become a different individual altogether. Then, “the sky is the limit “for every moment you travel solo.


I felt crazy when I traveled alone first time at the age of 20. At that time, I never knew that travelling solo can be so good. Slowly I became best friend with me and started loving people more. Pack your bags this summer and explore the whole new you.



With the summers approaching, this is the best time to beat the heat and go solo!

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