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Book Review – Charioteer Creatures in Mind

ShiviMarch 16, 20203min15280

Book name – Charioteer Creatures in Mind

Author name – Abhishek Mishra @ablive3632


creatures in mind

The story that seems to be sci-fi but it is an intense thriller. When Vikram Shah an agent with Indian intelligence finds out that there are some coveted tests which are going on related to mental intelligence and logical quotient. It is then he decided to dig out more deep to know who all are behind these tests. He further tries to understand and reveal
the truth behind these hypnotically sounds tests on humans. Also, he was curious to know whether Indian Intelligence is on the verge of revealing some secrets of the human brain.


creatures in mind review


My review of the book is good. But Initially, it took me hard to relate to the title and the cover. For the readers who are not into thriller would take time to connect.

But later when you reach half of it or before you would get into the story.

book review charioteer


There are some grammar and spelling issues. It is not the author’s fault but editing could be better. However, it is a must-read as it holds you and your mind and captures your imagination.

I like the cover, fonts, and the colour, it is interesting. Readers will get all the answers in the end.


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