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It is a small cute book on poems and verses about shades of love and life. Available on Amazon, Kindle Edition, Flipkart please share some love and spread the word. 

This book is a masterpiece in itself where it shows you different forms of love and also compares it with weed which is usually a form of drug. This book is not to promote weed or any form of the drug, it depicts just a simple personification of the author’s imagination to understand the expressions of love and weed. The author made a very nice attempt in bringing love close to weed in the form of poetry.

Does love wins or weed is beating love, leaving love long behind standing close to lust? It seems like a mystery, to solve, read the book. Download Now!

If you are looking for some poetic heart touching verses which define or compares love and weed and to keep you hooked, then you are at the right place. If you are bored of reading old school poetry or writing from old writers and is looking for something fresh and new, then go no further? You are at the right place and at the right time!!!


Love vs Weed Poetry Book



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