Five Offbeat Places To Go In Arunachal Pradesh

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Five Offbeat Places To Go In Arunachal Pradesh


Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog

These lesser-known places in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh are so stunning and breathtaking that nobody should ever go to them. We are aware that humans harm nature everywhere we travel. It’s difficult for us to show the wonder of Arunachal Pradesh in just a handful of photos. It’s so breathtaking that China is tempted to claim it as its own. Here are some unusual places to visit on your Arunachal tour.

  1. Dambuk 
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog – Dambuk

Dambuk, a gorgeous small town within the Lower Dibang Valley, is worth visiting. Dambuk is a well-known tourist spot due to its oranges. The village in the middle of nowhere was without electric power for the last three years before it was made accessible to visitors.

The road leading to Dambuk has been closed to traffic for six months due to severe weather. It’s nevertheless interesting to observe that Dambuk is home to a 4-day celebration known as”the Orange Festival. This massive festival showcases famous artists and musicians who come together to create a vibrant atmosphere in Dambuk.

Dambuk’s road is full of excitement as you traverse a lot of terrain and forest.

How to get to DambukDambuk is located approximately 600 kilometers from Guwahati. The closest airport is in Dibrugarh. To get to Dambuk, the first step is to go to Roing from there, where taxis and buses regularly circulate. It’s not easy, but worth the effort.

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  1. Kaho 
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog | Kaho
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog – Kaho

Kaho is a small village located on the banks of the fantastic Lohit in the Lohit. It is a small village with a few homes and a few shops. It has mountains that surround it on four sides. It is a remote area that remains unspoiled with a Buddhist monastery that serves the small Buddhist community. It is one of the best places to visit on Andaman tour packages.

Kaho is the final place to go within Kaho, which is located in the Indian region. It is possible to see the mountains in China in the distance from this village under the Army’s direction and oversight. Despite its small size and isolation, Kaho continues to be an attraction for adventurers and other people who wish to experience its beauty.

How to get there KahoKaho is approximately 840 kilometers from Guwahati. Tinsukia, situated 350 kilometers distant, serves as the closest railway station. Due to its area, there aren’t many taxis or buses that go over there. It is possible to travel close to Tezu and continue to Tezu.

  1. Pappu Valley
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog | Pappu Valley
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog | Pappu Valley

Pappu Valley, one of three beautiful valleys which make up the “rice bowl” in East Kameng’ is the Pakke Valley or the Passa Valley. It’s made even more beautiful by the flowing streams that run throughout the valley.

Kameng River for fishing or fishing. This valley must be visited when you’re in Arunachal to explore its hidden treasures. The valley is lush and green in the summer months and offers fantastic photographs. The winter months bring tourists to the Kameng River.

To Pappu, ValleyPappu Valley lies approximately 20 km from Seppa, the district’s headquarters, and 380 kilometers from Guwahati. Naharlagun is about 200 kilometers further away and is the closest railway station. To visit Pappu Valley, you should first travel to Naharlagun.

  1. Sela Pass
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog | Sela Pass
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog | Sela Pass

Sela Pass is located at over 4000 meters in elevation, making it one of the most motor-able roads. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous and captivating at first sight.

Sela Pass is still a popular tourist destination and merits its name”the “Paradise on the Earth.” Tourists are welcomed by Sela Lake when they enter the area. The visitor will be transported to an imaginary planet with breathtaking views of mountains covered in snow and clouds that gush over the lake. Sela Pass should be on everyone’s bucket lists.

How do I get To Sela PassSela Pass is 440 kilometers from Guwahati and 260 kilometers from Tezpur? Guwahati is the nearest airport, and Dekargaon is the closest railway station. Sela Pass is just as breathtaking as the surrounding area. Regular tourist cabs leave from Tezpur as well as Bhalukpung.

  1. Walong
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog | Walong
Spirited Blogger Arunachal Pradesh Travel Blog | Walong

Walong is a stunning cantonment situated in Arunachal Pradesh, is home to numerous monuments to war and hot springs. The town is regarded as the most eastern part of India. Tourists love that the sunrise is in this town.

Walong is famous because of its memorials to war that date from the Sino-Indian War of 1962. It is a well-known tourist spot throughout Arunachal. Walong is the most sought-after destination in winter.

How do I get to WalongWalong, which is about 200 kilometers away from Tezu, the district’s headquarters? Dibrugarh is the nearest airport, and Tinsukia is the nearest railway station. It may take longer than a day to travel from Guwahati to Walong because both are separated by around 800 kilometers.

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