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Hellaro Gujrati Movie Review – To Hell With Patriarchy 

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Patriarchy is like a bug in Indian society. it has been in our lives for ages. Many women in Indian villages are victim fo this system. No matter wherever you live, rural or urban this system is like cancer to our entire system. Those who need a quick understanding of Patriarchy here it is – a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is reckoned through the male line. Lets us go to Hellaro Gujrati Movie Review – To hell with Patriarchy 

There is always arguments and discussions on this system in India but the rule among men and women remain the same as usual. It is the same where the men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of the property. It is where, women have to still fight for their freedom, property, right to power and status in family and society. 

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Hellaro Gujrati Movie Review – To hell with Patriarchy

Not dragging the topic more, let’s see what Hellaro has to offer. It is a Gujrati Movie directed by – Abhishek Shah who has won the National Film Award for his social drama, Hellaro. All the more, this was the first Gujrati movie to bag the honour of Best Feature Film and 13 female actresses from the film also won the Special Jury Award for their performances. 

The Plot

This week it will hit the theatres near you and you would watch it on a big screen. I recommend all of you to go and watch this Gujrati film which ahs raised such a sensitive and long-existing issue prevalent in our society. The plot is a rural village of Kutch, Hellaro explores the idea of independence, choice and freedom through dance while highlighting other piercing issues. When you will watch you will understand how beautiful the director has showcased the issues in the form of dance. 

The movie is set in the mid-70s where a few of the rituals and customs in the village may seem outmoded but still occur to be the reality of many rural women in the 21st century. Hellaro brings a touching story to Indian cinema and complements it with bewitched performances and meticulous choreography. 


Hellaro movie review


Why Watch?

Watching Hellaro, will a festival-favourite delight. It highlights various issues in society such as patriarchy, casteism, and superstition. Also presents them in a way that will connect with the audience. You can commiserate with the women in the film and grunt at the ignorance of the men who worship the goddess but disrespect the women in their lives. There’s also that one character who endures simply for comic remission, it is Bhaglo (Maulik Nayak). He erratically offers comfort in this off-beat and hard-hitting film. The climax does not significantly have a definitive end but there’s much to take away from the final performance. 

It affords both a good story with conventional entertainment. I also highlight appropriate issues that need to be addressed in today’s world.






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