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ShiviNovember 8, 20163min17750
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I walk the memory lane because, few things in life take you to memory lane even though we don’t  wish too. Often people judge you by your past. It’s a stigma that has to be avoided. Don’t judge anyone by the past, live in present and love the moments lived.AS —–Everything flies with time nurturing souls and Karma .. once parted can’t be together but the Soul awaits the divine feeling till last breath…(unconsciously) (unconditionally)

When you travel through my veins life seems seamlessly easy, reaching the journals someday gives you an opportunity to understand the past better. It is not necessary to be always jovial, rather just be yourself. Coping with the negatives puts you through high enabling life to take a plunge.

#Browsing #journals while traveling gave me some instincts #memorylane #newray – #SpiritedBlogger – Let’s get in touch to share more moments

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