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ShiviOctober 3, 20196min20734
Before you begin I would like to quote, that Love is immortal and there is something very special about love and relationships. This blog is not about any specific love or relationships tips and tricks but it will certainly give an insight into the eternal feeling of love and its essence. Keep reading Is love […]


ShiviDecember 15, 20178min42214
Have we ever realized the difference between love and a companionship?   Almost everyone would agree that when you get married your life gives you a direction gradually to nurture your relationship into a companionship which we always looked for in your lives. I don’t want to discard anybody’s feeling, this is all personal experience […]


ShiviMay 14, 20172min17693
It’s not just a day, but it’s a lifelong festival and celebration. Mother’s Day The concept of celebrating Mothers Day on the second Sunday of May is very new in India and it can be said that in a time span of less than a decade, Mothers Day has been a great celebration. My question […]


ShiviApril 19, 20176min15510
  You’ve been the silent type. I could never expect a rain of roses from heaven sitting by your side. The blue vault up there would never unfurl a rainbow on earth to thread my heart and yours before meeting the deep. You were much married, a dad and 13 years my senior. Yet, you […]


ShiviNovember 8, 20163min17740
      I walk the memory lane because, few things in life take you to memory lane even though we don’t  wish too. Often people judge you by your past. It’s a stigma that has to be avoided. Don’t judge anyone by the past, live in present and love the moments lived.AS —–Everything flies […]

ShiviMay 8, 20164min16232
Every year, Mother’s Day come and I feel let me wish all the mothers around me or Let me give all my love to my Mum…. I struggle then and think how shall I move ahead to convey my love and affection in a perfect way to my mum. My coming few lines are tender, […]

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