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Mission Impossible Fallout Review

ShiviAugust 23, 20188min25009
Mission Impossible Fallout review - Spirited Blogger
Mission Impossible Fallout review – Spirited Blogger

Tom Cruise is willing to die for our love of cinema, well; this is the latest in a lot of Ethan Hunt’s mission impossible. This Tom Cruise’s latest film has some of the greatest action ever put on film, and a plot that every Indian can relate to and had a great time watching it.

My ratings: 4/5

Director – Christopher McQuarrie

Producers –  Tom CruiseChristopher McQuarrieJ.J. AbramsDana Goldberg

Cast – Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson, Sean Harris, Michelle Monaghan

The catch of the movie is that – There are few things in life more pleasurable than watching Tom Cruise do things and it is even if he has been doing the same for 22 years. And on a serious note it has been a long one since Ethan Hunt started out on the big screen – once there was a TV version, where Bill Clinton occupied the White House and Boris Yeltsin the Kremlin. The latter two have been done and dusted, but Cruise is still saving the world clad in a leather jacket — without a single drop of sweat, but often now showing a grey straw. And this Mission: Impossible, his sixth may be his best yet, gifting not just the action but it sizzles with a larger than life action which we all follow.

Mission Impossible Fallout review - Spirited Blogger

But he is energetic to the proceedings, particularly towards the third act. Where the risk of the cutting to the chase – and then conveniently ignoring the reconnaissance elements of the story came into the picture – then thinking Ohh, now let’s just skip to the ending. You’ve seen bits of it in the trailers, and now most of you must have seen the movie – and you’ve perhaps heard that it’s set in Kashmir – yeah, it’s true, although our respected censor board has ensured that the word ‘Kashmir’ shall not be spoken in the film – but you’re simply unrehearsed for the sheer intensity of the sequence – it is brilliant, as it is Kashmir.

Because that’s what we want, don’t we, after the six movies in a row – We want to learn more about Ethan Hunt, about is that motivates him to risk his life every day. So, with James Bond, it was Queen and country; with Jason Bourne, it was a personal quest, but with Ethan Hunt, it has always been about his friends, his team, and the relationships he has built over the years, notwithstanding that, being emotional on can only get him into more trouble. Alas, that’s what Tom Cruise is.

Mission Impossible Fallout review - Spirited Blogger

To me, the series has always been are super thriller and have great moments attached to it. For example – whenever I see any of the series under this lot, and you can substantiate this – by remembering the highlights from the previous films like the Burj Khalifa sequence, Owen Davian’s threats and the ingenious Scooby Doo-esque unmaskings – but at times many of the final plots are not recalled. The plot involved invariably international arms dealers and turncoat handlers, shady organisations and a comprehensive and utter lack of faith in Ethan and his IMF crew.

In this consideration, the Fallout is classic Mission Impossible. It is also perhaps the first film in the series that will make you feel close to the very first and direct sequel to its immediate predecessor – 2015’s Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. The most understandable connective tissue, besides director Christopher McQuarrie of course, is the villain, Solomon Lane.

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