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Movie Review – Sanju – The Biopic of Sanjay Dutt

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Sanju’ Movie Review – #throwback #review


Spirited Blogger - Sanju Movie Review

Rajkumar Hirani’s biopic on his close friend and recurrent collaborator Sanjay Dutt is released in theatres worldwide, it is more than a week to this movie, and later when I watched the movie thought to give a review on the incidences that I thought were impactful and few which were not depicted.

Sanju – a much-hyped Biopic of a Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, was successful to explore some of the most crucial chapters and phases of the actor’s life. It has the dramatic and controversial fell of his real and reel life. The movie actually gives you a breakdown on his rendezvous with drugs, his trials on TADA, and tribulations in the Arms Acts case and the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

Talking about the stars – Ranbir Kapoor is in the titular role, and the film features a collaborative effort which includes Manisha Koirala, Dia Mirza, Paresh Rawal, Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, and Vicky Kaushal – all of whom are playing various characters loosely-based on real-life people from Dutt’s controversial life.
For me, Sanju is detailed, well-written and has a sufficiently good number of memorable moments that entice the viewers. The father-son saga was highlighted the most and there were the many references to old Hindi film music which gave the feel of that era.

The story starts with a shot where a writer fails to write about Sanjay Dutt’s biopic and fails him miserably, so he turns to an established writer Winnie (Anushka Sharma) to pen his biography. From there the story gets deep and intense. The confessions and recollections of Sanju were in front of Winnie and give us deep insights into the highs and lows of his life, which is nothing short of a roller-coaster ride.

A bit of critical review, however, troubles which are the excuses made for Dutt’s failures and his misdeeds as a politician. Hirani regularly concentrated on the events of Dutt’s life, beginning with his well-chronicled struggle of Sanjay Dutt with drugs, which is just one part of his life. At some points, Paresh Rawal’s character of Sunil Dutt is depicted as selfish, unresponsive, self-destructive, and allowed at various points in the film, but in the end, it is the Dutt who suffered. Moreover, the director’s humorous style is pretty evident from the first scene, which took audiences to a ride of Sanju’s life.


I give it a 3.5 star – Watch it at least once for the exacting acting skills of Ranbir Kapoor as – Sanjay Dutt.
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