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Musical Christmas-Evening Celebrations

ShiviDecember 26, 20164min15560

Merry Christmas, Every year Jingle Bells and carols brings hope and love spreading the message of peace, that is truly mesmerizing!


For me Christmas is special. Nah I’m not a catholic, but Christmas is close to me heart since my childhood. Every year, this season comes with loads of love and celebration. For many, it is the perfect holiday season and for some, it is rejoicing love. Christmas is for all, and kids most love it, as they awaits Santa. It is the time for love, happiness, and forgiveness.



Thought to spread some love this year on Christmas, was wandering and remembering the Christmas spend with some special person. Neverminded doesn’t exist anymore, forgiveness is the answer. Well, Christmas evening this year went great with some fabulous musicians and singers performing live in an open park in my current city Bhopal.  There were these jamming sessions from a band named – Music for Meaning. I quite got impressed to see something like this in Bhopal. Core mumbaikar, I often it is tough for me to accept how this city is growing. But for past few years, I believe this city has emerged as an ocean of art, culture, and music in an altogether new variant. It was magnificent to experience..



I liked the new concept of Music for Meaning, which is actually jamming through heart and purity intact. On request they played several numbers for the audience, kids loved and enjoyed. One of the track named – Ohh rii Chiraiiya had tears in my eyes – didn’t expected at all, yet I loved the soulfulness and serenity in the voices. They played my choice of song as well, from the band Indian Ocean – Aree ruk ja re bande ..




Christmas is for love and passion! This came alive with songs and jamming sessions of these wonderful people. For me this Christmas was great and memorable….

  • Stay Blessed people!
  • Love All!
  • Forgive All!
  • Love the inner Soul!
  • Whatever you have left behind if it is yours!
  • Time will bring it back…

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