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Must Try – Nepal A Foddie Delight

ShiviFebruary 12, 20168min25040
Annapurna Ranges


Phewa Lake Side Pokara

Well, it is always stunning to travel and be at peace with you! My recent visit to Nepal in Jan 2016 felt solace with my soul….

Annapurna Ranges – Himalayan Ranges from a charter view


It was a chilly season full of unexpected weather, snow, rains and of course smokes. No to miss is the wondrous Himalayas and gigantic Annapurna ranges.I would love to relish more on food today! Nepal is rich in food and variants of ingredients used to cook such mouth watering dishes. The food in Nepal is scrumptious. From my first meal, that is – breakfast I was cheery. As belonging to a country where there is are a bountiful diversity of food, here I got different taste and culture.

Nepali Khana


Nepal offers you food that has huge influences of Thai, Indian, Tibetan and Korean and European cuisines.To try the dishes are – Traditional Thali, Nepali Dal Bhaat, Tarkari Bhaji and of course, the momos.


Come have a look with me the array of cuisines, we ate in Nepal. The long walk on the streets on Kathmandu, exploring Thambel where we stayed in a beautiful Hotel – Hotel Vaishali, came across quite a good cafeteria and restaurants. I enjoyed an assortment of food that in indulged in the aura of Western meals.

Soothing Aura of the Restaurants


I personally loved the fresh cold potato and sauté tomato served with breakfast, which is startling. Moreover, I was a fan of the spiced chutney served with quite a number of dishes. It has a tangy, yet sour, yet spicy taste. An Icing on the cake are the omelets, they were the winner all the time. Especially the cheese soaked to the skin often served with the crispy roll.

Momos are not traditionally Nepalese food, but you will be amazed to see momos of different flavor here. They were available from the high-end cafes to the local market. Veg and Non-veg both.



Haaa. I with my kiddo went momo mad. Again the added up flavor was the chutney and the sauce, Oh my-my.


Coming to Dinner. Dal Bhaat, tarkari, vegetable fried rice were common. A proper Newari dish. I relished it at Gorkhana House Kathmandu

Gorkhana House – Traditional Dish

I went mad to try out all kind of dishes, then finally tried pork, beef, various meat dishes, baked veggies, and not to miss are the burgers…Nepal has a very different savor of bakery items, the huge veg burger made my stomach full for almost the entire day. I had it in Pokhara..OMG

banana pan cake

I tried eating at almost every café, and then in Pokhara it started raining while walking on the streets full of colors, to hide ourselves from chilly weather, entered a European style cum latin architecture café –Lake side Pokhara, where we had hummus with Nan. Ahah, for a coffee buff like me.I happen to have my cuppa of coffee in Pokhara. The instant and the espresso were appealingly nice. In Pokhara I saw Himalayan Arabica beans, went over-excited to have it, trust me guys, it was a blessed day! Then I tried caramel coffee the – Illy Coffee, went gaga over it again …


For the rest of my stay in Nepal, I choose caramel coffee over anything. Relishing it on the lake side cafes and shacks on the banks of dazzling Phewa lake in Pokhara.  The view was gorgeous.



Last but not the least, there were banana pancakes and cakes in Pokhara. Now as I’m gaining some pounds, I tried to resist but no use, raging sweet-tooth and die-hard cake aficionado, the view made me greedy.

pan cake
Banana Pan Cake


Out-of-the-way are the rooftop with twinkling pixie lights speckled all over the cafes and restaurants. Apart from food Nepal is all about a pretty, petite and cute cafe with marvelous views, eye-catching interiors and the bustling lake scene. Nepal is a great place to linger over your food.

LakeSide Shacks


Do pay a visit to magnificent Nepal!

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