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ShiviSeptember 17, 20213min9990
Top 5 Wellness Tourism Destinations In India   Travel can be an effective mode of therapy. Whether it is your work stressing you out or any personal anxieties, you deserve a little bit of ‘me-time and some relief from the daily load of responsibilities. India, the land of spirituality and peace, has numerous wellness tourism […]


ShiviMarch 27, 20209min13104
Before checking in the blog please visit the links and check out my books that will for sure leave you awestruck as they are the mix of poetry, illustrations, human mindfulness, short stories, self-help motivational verses. Author page: amazon.com/author/shivigoyal My Books: Guilt – Right or Wrong? Words Unsaid… Love vs= weed     Corona Virus outbreak has […]

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There is a piece in me that like to tenderly imagine my maverick and seditious soul. But, precisely, I love to have a picky and cosy relationship with my soul that can rub up against a little bit, putting me alive.


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