ShiviMay 14, 20172min16993
It’s not just a day, but it’s a lifelong festival and celebration. Mother’s Day The concept of celebrating Mothers Day on the second Sunday of May is very new in India and it can be said that in a time span of less than a decade, Mothers Day has been a great celebration. My question […]


ShiviJune 6, 20162min16071
We sit #silently and watch the world around us. This has taken a lifetime to learn. We take pain to write #journals on what our #silence observe This silence is young, brash and impatient too (seldom) Silence is holy, it meets your soul totally and gives you a cuddling to say I’m there for you […]

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There is a piece in me that like to tenderly imagine my maverick and seditious soul. But, precisely, I love to have a picky and cosy relationship with my soul that can rub up against a little bit, putting me alive.


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