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Benefits of pranayama in yogic sciences dates back to 1000 years.


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There are many types of pranayama that has different benefits on our whole system. Below are these 8 types that are fruitful in your respiratory tracks and has other fantastic benefits on your body.

  1. Nadi Sodhana
  2. Shitali Pranayama
  3. Ujjayi Pranayama
  4. Kapalabhati Pranayama
  5. Bhastrika Pranayama
  6. Bhramari Pranayama
  7. Anuloma & Viloma Pranayama
  8. Sheetkari Pranayama


Let us understand first what is Pranayama – it is a Sanskrit word that means control of breath. And in yogic sciences yogis said it is prayan – the bio life and yaam is asnaa. So it is asan for life. In pranayama, we consciously control our breathing through various breathing techniques as it is a meditative practice.

The type of breathing techniques in pranayama is divided into three stages: Inhalation through the nose (Purak), retention (kumbak) and exhalation (Rechak). These breathing techniques are not only used in yoga practices but also in meditative practices. The rhythm of pranic energy can be controlled through pranayama. They are useful in all forms of meditation.


1 – The best among all which you can do for lung exercise is Kapalabhati Pranayama – also called as a breath of fire.


This type of pranayama is done by forcefully exhaling from the lungs and inhaling is done involuntarily. The exhalation should be so forceful that one should suck the belly by releasing the air. In the same way, when inhaling is done, the belly should go back to the same position. Usually, Kapalabhati Pranayama is done for warm-up. This cycle of inhalation and exhalation should be done for few minutes. This type of pranayama is quite beneficial in strengthening the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. It also helps in increasing focus, reducing anxiety and burning calories.


kapalbhati yoga


6 – Bhramari Pranayama

Clinically it is being proven that this type of pranayama is effective in increasing lung capacity and respiration. It is also being said that the biochemist is researching this yogic practice as it has a tremendous capacity to decrease the spread of microbes in the lungs. Why, as it increases the nitrous oxide in our lungs. It is also said that eating a nitrous rich diet curb the spread of any virus in our lungs. As it has anti-viral property, it reduces replication of the virus thus it stops the spreading. Sit at a steady place, intact, close your ears, with thumbs, and eyes with your fingers. Then create a humming sound or you can also chant om sound while exhaling. This is also known as ‘humming bee breath’. Do it for 5 minutes daily morning and evening. It also helps in increasing concentration, alertness, relieving stress.


भ्रामरी प्राणायाम - Bhramari Pranayama


3 – Anuloma & Viloma Pranayama

This pranayama is divided into two stages: Paused inhalation and paused exhalation. It is done by inhaling for 2-3 seconds and pausing, then again restarting inhalation and pausing for few seconds while sitting in a comfortable position. Inhalation should be done until the lungs are full of air. Exhalation must be done slowly. One must relax the mind and body. This is Viloma Pranayama where pausing of breathing is in regular intervals. In anuloma pranayama, one must breathe nostrils in an alternative way. Both are similar. These techniques help in relaxing, reducing stress and cleansing nasal passages.


anulom vilom yoga


4 – Yogendra Prayanam no. 4 –  it is the best for diaphragmatic breathing.

It induces relaxation and letting go of the vairagya bhava. It will give you immense calmness and self-discipline. Lay down on the mat and place right hand on the navel and left on the side of the body, palm facing to the sky, legs fold and maintain equal breathing. Do not do force breathing. If you observe that the belly will rise and go down to the spine with exhaling. It is one of the natural ways of breathing. It is deep breathing practice – do it 10 times before sleeping or before Shavasana. It is effective in relaxation and stress reliever.

belly-breathing yogendra pranayam


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Yoga means the addition of energy, strength, and beauty. It gives sync to body, mind and soul. Read this small blog on the advent of International Yoga Day 2018.

International Yoga Day - Spirited Blogger

Here’s again we are celebrating International Yoga Day in India and all across the world. What is that so significant which has made Yoga so important to mark it as an international event which is celebrated by all the cadre of societies? International yoga day has been a global event which is now celebrated in the schools and every other gathering. Each year it marks an additional progress in spreading the practice and study of Yoga and its acceptance into schools, businesses and all walks of life, nationally and internationally. It is important to keep this impetus going as Yoga holds the secrets to the transformation of the human being to a higher level of awareness.

International Yoga Day - Spirited Blogger

Yoga is India’s greatest civilizational gift that exists with us dating back to 5000 years. One of the oldest and purest forms of practice to blend your soul with your mind, eventually that rejuvenate your heart is from India. Thus, it is is very important for India to continue to nourish its roots and spread out to the world. Yoga is of many forms which prevail in different parts of our country. It has significance in India’s culture and traditions respective of which religion you belong to or from which part of India you are from. It is widespread from a local village to a broad national level. This also includes a yogic influence on music, art, dance, science, philosophy, medicine, politics and economics, including the entire spiritual realm where Yoga always outshines. Skill in action, focus on sensitivity, the unitary path of energy, the fortitude of effort, and brilliance in achievement, along with inner equanimity and tranquil are all aspects of Yoga.

International Yoga Day - Spirited Blogger

Yoga ascends from nature and instils in our minds to live in harmony with the Earth and the stars. It is not just simply a manmade or historical invention, but it is a medium of integration into the cosmic life. Yoga is characteristically a biological pursuit and endorses environmental awareness, disquiet for the environment, reverence for the Earth and all of its creatures, large and small. Yoga affords us an earthly vision in which we look at the world as a whole, not divided into contradictory countries and communities.

International Yoga Day - Spirited Blogger

Another aspect of the awareness and popularity of Yoga is the common sight to see people walking around with beautiful sling bags, over their shoulders in a variety of patterns, with their yoga mats. And, the extraordinary popularity of this ancient knowledge is apparent from the number of yoga studios escalating around the world. Tactlessly, with yoga being a billion dollar industry now, it is not infrequent to find new styles of yoga being introduced every other day. Hence, the other side of the coin is that building even more awareness on all the other forms and methods of Yoga has also become really important so that the roots of the ancient yoga and its philosophies remain intact.

Due to all the above points which we discussed in this International Yoga Day blog a step towards the right direction was taken back on December 11, 2014, when United Nation decided to dedicate 21st June as the International Day of Yoga. We are thankful for the initiative of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This is helping to spread the awareness but is also providing a platform for the organisations, institutes and practitioners to dedicated their lives to imparting the authentic system of yogic practices and showcase it to the masses.


International Yoga Day - Spirited Blogger


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