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Why You Should Visit Shimla & Manali In November

ShiviApril 26, 20228min10494

Why You Should Visit Shimla & Manali In November

Shimla and Manali both the places offer picturesque views of the valley and immersive holiday experiences. Tourists throng the place all year round for its remarkable climate and vacationer attractions.

Though the climate of both the places is amazing for visiting any month, the best month is November. Shimla and Manali are both known for snowfall and related adventures.

Nov is the time when you can truly enjoy and dwell in the beauty of the place by indulging in snowfall adventures. And there are many reasons why Nov is an ideal time for you. When you book your Shimla Manali tour package, do book it for Nov.

Solang Valley

The adventures of Solang valley are truly unmatched. It’s 13 km away from Manali and is famous for its snow-capped mountains. The beauty of the place truly captivates the eyes. It is during Nov and December that the place gets covered by the sheath of white snow making it all even more wonderful.

The pure white landscapes are a treat for the eyes. People also enjoy visiting the Solang valley for winter sporting fun activities. Snowmobiling in Solang valley is something that every tourist wishes to do. Trekking is also fun in winter with the company of friends.

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Jogini Waterfalls

A remote holiday experience in Nov with your family or friends is something you should try. Jogini waterfall is a famous tourist attraction, and the place is known for its trekking experience. The trek route passes through scenic ways that look splendid during the winter season.

The white snow-capped mountains and valleys will truly blow your mind. It is just 3 km away from Manali so you can include this in your Shimla Manali tour package itinerary. The natural encircles and places look fascinating during the winter season.

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Mall Road in Shimla

Mall Road in Shimla is a famous tourist destination. It is known for its amazing cafes and buzzing activities. The best time to visit Mall Road is in November when the weather is good and you can enjoy shopping and other activities.

It is also a time when you can try out some amazing dishes. The cafes in Mall Road offer Himachali cuisine and you can savor the yummy dishes. The valley views from the place during the winter season are mesmerizing. Take some photographic shots of the place with your HD camera.


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Jakhoo Temple

You simply can’t miss the Jakhoo temple in Shimla during wintertime or if you happen to visit in Nov or Dec. The temple is home to the tallest idol of Lord Hanuman.

Most tourists visit the place to get a completely peaceful vibe. You can visit the temple early in the morning for divine intervention. In Nov, you can see the beauty of snow-capped mountains from the temple.

To Sum up,

Shimla and Manali in Nov are astounding. It is also the best time to explore all the activities and visit the tourist destinations. You can plan your extended itinerary to have a great holiday experience in Shimla and Manali.


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