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Women, It’s Time To Take The Front Seat – Know The Bike Ride Essentials

ShiviApril 11, 20228min5910
Women Riders? Women Bikers? Really?


Women Rider - SpiritedBlogger


What are you talking about, yes what I’m talking about is women riders who are in the front seat of ruling highways and roads all across the world? I have been travelling for a decade now – for me, off-roading is a thrill, and when you hit the roads, you feel satisfied.  The free spirit of yours hitting the road with vroommm sound gives you that adrenalin rush to explore and keep moving. Let me tell you some of the biking essentials like riding jackets and others, which I use when I’m on the highways riding the roads – Read it till the end as there’s a surprise gift for you.

Physical Map And GPS Navigation

You need a handy map while on the roads. The best thing about bike rides is the journey, not the destination. A good map will be a great support in your journey-especially when the navigation doesn’t work. Try to get a map with districts, traffic, highways and cities marked. on the other hand -there’s nothing better than to have a specific GPS device on your bike. No matter how much you love maps you can’t look at them while riding, thus navigations units, GPS devices installed, smartphones, and mobile devices are best friends. When the radar goes hazy – you have maps handy.

Your Personal Tracker

Women on the roads solo – well this, calls for safety too. An emergency communicator helps the friend in need. While riding on the roads of Kinnaur – Himachal Pradesh (the most dangerous road to ride in India), my bike broke and my brakes failed. In the middle of the highway when I was about to witness the dusk – I got scared a bit, but the rugged and waterproof Satellite Personal Tracker was a savior.

Bike Tool And Repair Kit With Pump

This kit is a mandate for everyone. Get a tubeless tyre repair kit as these days from Royal Enfield to Himalayan bikes we have tubeless tyre. Tubeless Tire Repair Kit and tool kit allows you to make an on-the-spot, on-the-wheel repair, and other damages if any. Please make sure that if you are taking a bike for rent then ask for this kit from the rental company.

Rider’s Clothing Essentials

If you ask any rider including me there’s a heads up for protective riding jackets. No matter if you are riding in fall/summer/winter a jacket shield is a must-have. I would recommend Lone Ranger Advento Women Riding Jacket for women. It has a detachable thermal liner for summer riders, gives resistance to abrasion and shearing, CE certified Level 2 protection on elbows, shoulders, and back, Multiple utility pockets and more such cool comfort it provides. For me, a good woman riding jacket is a must-have.

Riding Jacket - SpiritedBlogger
women riding jacket

Riding Gear

This includes a variety of gear and clothing to cover the rider from all sorts of damage that may occur while riding on treacherous roads and highways. A full-coverage helmet is a must with a chin bar in an open position. Helmet mounted travel camera setup. Waterproof gloves on the highways are crucial for the rains and sweaty palms. A tank bag for all your other small stuff like mobile phones, wallet, sunblock etc. A backpack is vital for a water bottle, charges, cleansers, tissue and any other essentials you need while on move.


Be a responsible traveler!

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