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5 Incredible Indian Villages to visit this World Tourism Day

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India land of villages, India land of green meadows and stunning panoramas! A country blessed with beautiful terrain! Villages of Indians is all about cute mud houses, cow-dung cakes, sitting cross-legged on the terrace with cousins listening to the horror ghost stories from elders and also it is relishing fresh produce off the fields. It is absolutely true to the fact that India lives in its village as we as a country are still the agro-based economy. So, if you wish to tour the real India, you must pay a visit to its villages and get invigorated with the “mitti-ki-khushboo”.

this World Torusim Day let’s take a pledge to be a responsible traveller and make our destinations clean and friendly. Take a step towards sustainable tourism. I’m giving you few remarkable and impressive villages which you must take a trip to get the authentic feel of our country.

Indian village life belongs to a diverse world in all different time.

Hodka – Kutch

Kutch, India’s Wild West, is a geographic occurrence, full of pastoral exquisiteness. What comes into view is an incessant desert plain consecutively running dead straight into the prospect, is, in fact, a recurring island. It bears a resemblance to a Katchua or Kachbo, which means a tortoise which is enclosed by sea water. Prehistoric temples, good-looking palaces, craggy forts, flamingos, restrained rainfall, wild asses, callous sunlight, and the cool twilight breeze — wow you have so much to lure in Kutch.


The most widespread livelihood of the villagers here is making leather goods and oh-so-colourful exquisite embroidered items. The best time to visit this amazing village is from October to April.

Banavasi – Karnataka

This authentic village is also known for endogenous rustic tourism as it is snuggled along the stockpile of river Varada and is sanctified with amazing eco-system.

Banavasi - Karnataka - spiritedbloggerblog

Banvasi Village

Bhutanatha_temple banvasi

You will also find prehistoric remnants of the Kadamba dynasty which ruled from here. Rivulets running with sparkling clear waters, lovely coconut trees and green pastures …this village are tucked away in the ode of nature away from the bustling metropolitan life.

Lachen – Gangtok

Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, is a hill resort and one of the most admired destinations in north-east India. It is known for its picturesque beauty and conspicuous views of Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world.



lanchen village

As per tourism, which crest up in spring and summer and tourism is the main source of income in Gangtok since it doles out as a gateway to Sikkim. Sikkim is also a suzerain of India, and it is North-east heaven on earth with its virginal landscapes and uncharted mountain ranges.

The Sweet Hidden Spot – Yana, Karnataka

Yana, set alongside the Sahyadri Mountains astounds you with its gigantic colossal rock formations. This little village, 40 km away from the sun-drenched coastal village of Gokarna, is secreted in the forests and it lies as a secret.


Near by town yana

Yana karnatka

A passageway through the suspended rocks leads to a cave with an idol of the deity Parvati inside.

Gurez – Jammu and Kashmir

Positioned in the Northern region of Kashmir and about 140 odd kilometres from Sri Nagar, Gurez is well thought-out to be one of the most striking valleys or a village of Kashmir. Gateway of the primaeval ‘Silk Route’, Gurez also integrates the eminent pyramid shaped ‘Habba Khatoon’ peak which is named after the Kashmiri poetess.

gurez 1



Even though the land is yet to be developed form major tourism point of view, but it is a beautiful village untamed.  The accommodation capacity is obtainable in the main town of Dawar and the nearby villages.

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