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Guilt – Right or Wrong? Who Decides? We Decide! 


The key takeaways from the book:
Between the stimulus of actions and reactions we often tend to get guilt in our lives. This book will help to break this chain. Your master system comprises of four elements. Your initial mental conditioning, your core values and belief systems which includes your religion, your habitual lifestyle, and your emotional states that vary with time to time and with every action and reaction. This reading will give you insights on how you could stop complaining and understand your mental and emotional state, eventually overcoming the guilt notions in your lives.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shape our lives, but what we do consistently, create a path for our guilt free future. This book will take you to a journey of real life experiences which will in turn support you to get over your guilt.

The problem we face is when we get conditioned by our minds and thoughts. We face trouble rising from within us. All the negative emotions are our reaction to the external factors, which lead us to further devastating emotions like guilt, shame and embarrassment. This can be avoided and if at all it occurs there are ways to heal and practice self-healing. This self-help book will for sure change your perception towards Guilt, shame and embarrassment.



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