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Travelling Solo? Here’s The Complete Guide And Tips On Solo Travel

ShiviAugust 24, 202210min1920

Travelling Solo? Here’s The Complete Guide And Tips On Solo Travel

Travelling can be daunting and fun at the same time. But what happens when we want to travel alone? Travelling solo is still not a cool thing in many conventional families. But, one thing is sure it is the trend of the millennials. Nothing wrong with it as solo travelling brings out the best in you. I started solo travel a decade ago, when there was no such digital media and Instagram or vlogging was also not that popular. If solo travelling is in your mind, then this blog is for you – I will give you examples and experiences that will help you in your following travel itinerary. Questions that might trigger your mind when you think of travelling solo like – what if I get lost? What if I encounter bandits? What if my luggage is stolen? Or many be many more – all these will be answered.


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Let’s Start:

Be Ready With Your Homework

Take ample time to research and prepare a list of everything required for the trip. For inspiration, you can check the vlog and read more. This is not to miss a thing when travelling solo. Make clothing lists, learn about the place, understand the culture, try to speak with people who have been to the destination etc., this will help you.

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Know Your Strong Points

When travelling solo, certain anxiety arises, and you feel butterflies in your stomach. Do not fear. Move out of your comfort zone and keep going. Do not let the fear of not knowing the language, people, not being communicative etc., bother you.

Embrace And Survive

Whether you travel solo for the first time or repeatedly, the anxieties can reoccur. Please don’t worry; embrace your true self, be confident, go out in the sun, and experience the real you. If you are feeling low, try hanging out in any nearby bar. If you think social, sit in a café reading a book or make random friends and share the journey and learn.

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Learn To Say NO

It is essential to learn to say NO in the local language. This will help you to avoid any awkward situations you may face. For example, travelling solo can attract much attention in a foreign land. Ok, so be vigilant and be assertive and say No whenever needed.

Be Local In Stay

See, the whole idea is to be safe – right? Try to stay at a local homestay or a hostel. This will allow you to live with locals, learn about their culture, and relish local food. Make sure it is safe and clean; at times, it may be a little costly compared to a regular hotel, but it’s worth it.


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Eat Good And Big – Be Local

So, all those fancy cafes, restaurants and clubs may entice you, but they may fill you with fear, too – being alone, we become a little dubious about dining alone. But, stop, don’t fear, visit what you like and could probably say – “I made a special trip just to eat here, you know – I have heard about this place a lot – What do you recommend me to try out?” – this will help, and waiters would love to serve solo diners. Remember, the world is an oyster when it comes to food tours.

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Don’t Run Away

Look, even if you don’t want to hop on to the fancy bars at night – still there’s an option. You can binge on your favourite book, sit in a corner, read and draw and pen down – Or the idea of roaming the parks and museums in the daytime will give you a great insight into the local place. If nothing works, it is ok to have an extra night in the room and binge-watch Netflix.

Be Ready With The Backup – Always

Remember – as much as you are ready and prepared for your solo trip – there can be chances when your heart pumps hard at the idea of missing something. In this case, carry all the documents and travel papers handy as a second copy with you or keep one copy in the mail. Also, keep all the links for visa, passport and other documents handy on your phone and email.

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Remember, solo travel is pure freedom. Don’t stop yourself. If you wish to have a consultation, collaboration or any business inquiries, you can email me at [email protected].

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Be a responsible traveler!

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