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Winter Packing List – What To Pack for Winter To Travel Light

ShiviJanuary 6, 202213min74110

We will talk about some travel gear & clothing that are crucial for your next winter travel. This is a must-have winter kit or packing list for your winter travel. Some of them are in any way important for many travels, so you can choose accordingly.

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Himachal Pradesh Spirited Blogger Travel Blog
Himachal Pradesh Spirited Blogger Travel Blog

You know when I started travelling I wasn’t sure how to pack or what to pack, if it should be light enough for me to carry it all alone–as I’m a solo traveller, later with errors I learned to backpack for real. This blog will be all about that so that if you are planning to travel in winters or to a snow destination, then how to pack, what all to pack, how many of them to pack–how to make it light and much more.

Here’s the trick: wear all of your heaviest stuff on your travel days–like your bulky jacket, that scarf that’s as big as a blanket, and the caps and so on. Other than your bulky stuff, everything else you pack should be soft, lightweight, and travel-friendly–and you want your clothes to pull double duty so you don’t need as many of them overall.


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Now one important thing about clothing and packing in the winters is we get Nerdy about the fashion clothing and in the age of Instagram and reels and fashion clothing and influencing everything gives you a high and you end up being a nerd. Well, many of you would not like me saying this but the fact is your bulky clothing aka the fashion clothing is the only outer one or the visible outer layer, rest all is inside in the winters, however, the best part is to go for sleek, soft, light, best of the warm clothing that would keep you super-insulated in cold weather. 

The beauty of winter travel is that 99% of the time, all anyone is going to see is the very outer layer of your clothing. So as long as you’ve got clothes that can withstand being worn repeatedly, you don’t need to bring very many items.

Chicham Bridge - SpiritedBlogger
Chicham bridge – Spirited Blogger
The typical cold weather\winter packing list looks something like this (we’ll get into specifics in next blog):

Two pairs of pants. They are the mandate super mandate as you may go on the ride or bike ride or maybe you may jump in the frenzy glacier, etc. etc., etc. Now here make sure that you wear track pants that are insulated yet water-resistant or you may have one with fleece inside and one of the reversible or water-resistant pants. I will give the link for these as well so that you don’t have to mug up your head to buy to look for them on the internet. So, it can be a mix of a favourite pair of travel jeans. warm leggings, or chinos with fleece.



2-3 Sweaters. We look for a few neutral-coloured sweaters that are made from at LEAST 20% merino wool and aren’t bulky.

2-3 Collared Shirts. I prefer collared shirts as they go pretty well under the sweaters. Or even the jackets. These get layered under the sweaters for a variety of spiffy sweater/collared shirt looks. You’d hardly even know we were backpackers with this kind of dressing and would fulfil all your picturesque needs too…..Except because we’re carrying backpacks. And sleeping in hostels. Still.

2 or 3 T-shirts. These get layered underneath our other clothing as needed and worn to bed. I also bring a cardigan so that I can mix things up from the whole sweater/collared shirt situation on those balmy 40 degree days. My favourite t-shirts to wear in cold weather are made of hemp, which is naturally insulating and anti-bacterial, just like wool.

1-2 Scarves and Gloves – You’ll be wearing these every day and they’ll be in every picture. So, if there’s one accessory you’re going to be extra about, make it your scarves! I have a scarf collection that spans every colour, so I usually match her scarves to her sweaters when deciding which to bring.

1-2 Hats. Usually for women and for the guys too who are into vlogging or influencing etc. etc. etc. hats would work but they carry space so keep one of bright colour you know or if they are lightweight maybe max two. You know, for accessorizing.

2 Jackets: as I told you before, wearing heavy ones all the time. Wear it as an outer jacket and bring another jacket that squishes down small and weighs almost nothing. Give a link for the best one that works under -10 degrees Celsius and -25 to -30 too. Check it out.

1 Pair of Shoes: Yep, really, just one. Find the PERFECT pair of boots for cold weather and they’re all we need to bring. And for all the gumboots need for skiing or snow walking, you can get on rent at the destination. One pair of shoes wears them every day, so you don’t even have to bother packing them in our bags.

Toiletries/Makeup/Gear/ try to keep this bit as lightweight as possible–learn the art of packing travel makeup as light as you can. I will make a separate blog for that. Try to fit it all in one cube of your luggage.

Well wait for the next blog, until then see ya! KEEP READING & SMILING 

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Well wait for the next blog, until then see ya! KEEP READING & SMILING 

Be a responsible traveler!

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